1082441_10202554729927721_720155859_o Zumba® Fitness

Zumba is a dynamic workout system designed to be FUN and EASY TO DO! The routines feature interval training sessions where fast and slow rhythms and resistance training are combined to tone and sculpt your body while burning fat. Add some Latin flavor and international zest into the mix and you’ve got ZUMBA!

Training Tips and techniques: 

1. Arrive 10 min before the class if possible to sign-in, meet other people and stretch on your own. 2. Do not miss the warm-up and cool-down part of the class.  They are a must!  The warm-up helps prepare the muscles and joints, as well as gradually increasing the heart rate.
Cool downs are the best and most appropriate time to stretch all the muscles used during your Zumba class.  They enhance flexibility and joint range of motion, allow heart rate and blood pressure to return to normal rate.  If you need to leave earlier, inform the instructor in advance.  Start slowing down 2 songs before leaving and cool down on your own at least 5 min. 3. Wear supportive footwear.  Reduce the risk of injury by wearing shoes with minimal tread on the sole and optimal cushion and support.  Recommended are court shoes, aerobic shoes, jazz shoes/sneakers and cross training shoes.  Running shoes are not recommended. 4. Stay hydrated!  Don’t wait until you are thirsty to drink water.  Drink water before, during and after your workout. 5. Watch your form.  It is important to maintain proper form to achieve maximum results.   Pay attention to specific instructions to ensure you are doing each workout safely. 6.”Listen to your body.”  Modify if needed.  Always work at your own pace.  Know your limitations.   If you have not been exercising, start at a slow pace and gradually increase the amount of the time and the pace of your activity as you become more fit.  Master your footwork before adding any arm movements.  The arm movements increase the cardiovascular workout benefits.What do you need for the Zumba class?Bottle of water, a small towel, proper shoes, comfortable sports wear, a friend or two.
…and a huge smile!   It is a Party time!